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Wellbeing for Educators and Leaders in Learning puts staff wellbeing back at the heart of teaching. We help teachers actually leave work at work by helping them shift their mindset, and we help senior leaders create a school culture which makes work/life balance possible.

We are run by an educational consultant who has taught in a mainstream primary and currently leads a secondary alternative provision, giving us the expertise and experience to help individual staff and whole schools whatever they look like. We know what it’s like to be swamped by planning and marking as a teacher, and we also know what it’s like to work in a school where staff can leave at 4pm and take no work home for their evenings or weekends. More importantly, we have an excellent track record of setting a school culture where that’s actually possible, leading to staff and pupils thriving as a result. For more information about James, click here:

Wellbeing support shouldn’t be a one-off staff meeting, it should be a core component of every school’s culture, and we are convinced that improving staff wellbeing is the best thing for educators, their schools, and the pupils they serve.





A practical guide to improving work/life balance for ANYONE working in education!

Many teaching staff and senior leaders work more hours than they are meant to, because the job often feels too big to fit in a 37.5 hour week. In our workbook entitled "Leaving Work At Work", we help you to change your mindset about work/life balance and empower you to make lots of small changes that should make a big difference. Split into 6 sessions, where you will learn how to leave work at work physically, emotionally, and mentally, this revolutionary approach will help you set achievable targets which can be easily implemented in real situations. 

E-book: £3 - available at:
Paperback: £7 (includes additional content) - available at:



Supporting SLTs to create a supportive culture with wellbeing at the centre

School leaders are ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of all staff who work there - a huge privilege but a big responsibility! This 5-session e-book, designed to be worked through individually or together as a whole SLT, provides a solution-focused outline of current research in staff wellbeing, outlines how schools can ensure they're meeting Ofsted's requirements on staff wellbeing, and makes 10 recommendations which can be implemented using our Action Plan tool which we believe would transform staff wellbeing across any school. As a school leader with a never-ending to-do list, reading this should empower you to do much more of your leading at work, making more time for resting at home.

Price: £5

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Top tips for new teachers learning on the job

If you’re just beginning your career as a teacher, you’re starting an exciting and hugely rewarding journey! However, there are lots of challenges you’ll face as you take your first steps into teaching, and “Learning Work At Work” is a perfect quick read to help you navigate the pitfalls and equip you for success, particularly with regard to your wellbeing.

Price: £2

Available at:

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More personalised support

We also offer bespoke coaching sessions for individuals looking to improve their wellbeing, or for schools looking for guidance to help them shift their culture to place wellbeing at the centre. This is depending on availability. For those in Birmingham, this can be face to face, but we also offer this via Zoom so that those across the UK can benefit.

Depending on availability, we can also offer in-school training for whole-staff meetings/INSET days for schools in Birmingham, or the same over Zoom for schools further afield. As we expand over time, we hope to have increased availability for this support and a more structured range of packages to choose from.

Price: £20 per half-hour, £35 per hour

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